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[audio]The Child Samuel - First Samuel - Roy Trumbull
This reading is from the first three chapters of First Samuel and tells the story of Samuel the child. One interesting thing to note is the use of "mine" where you would expect "my". "Mine" reminds us of the German parent of English and it is very natural for a child to say.
Keywords: bible; Samuel
Downloads: 487
[audio]Kickme by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
This is an orientation lecture for those who've just moved to a state where the residents all have a stake in their exploitation and mistreatment and are convinced that it's a good idea to get the short end of the stick in perpetuity.
Keywords: kickme; politics; kickme states; humor; satire; audio books; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,106
[audio]Riders of the Desert - Roy Trumbull
A Spanish trader has his way with the wife of an Indian brave and drives her mad. Upon the braves return his wife commits suicide and he seeks revenge. He kidnaps the trader and ties him on a horse face to face with the corpse of his victim. They ride the desert until he too is driven mad. This story comes from "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by Charles M. Skinner.
Keywords: American Indians; traders; madness; revenge
Downloads: 75
[audio]The Lawyers Know Too Much by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
A search is made for that which is created by lawyers yet its substance cannot be found.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; poetry; lawyers; legal language
Downloads: 70
[audio]Notes On The Bible - Roy Trumbull
These are some notes on the differences between the Jewish bible and the Christian "Old Testament". The order of the books is different. The names of the books are different. The leading names within the stories are different. The translation problems are considerable. What the bible says or may not say remains problematic.
Keywords: bible; Christian; Jewish; translation; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 131
[audio]At The Bar by Frank Bird Linderman - Roy Trumbull
A Navajo horse blanket is missing. A sheep herder is suspected. The sheriff and his posse round up the suspect and he is brought to trial. But as this town had no sheriff, judge, or court, the terrified sheepherder is actually getting the squeeze to provide as many rounds of drinks as possible to the mock court before his funds run out.
Keywords: old west; Frank Bird Linderman; justice; court; robbery; saloon; sheepherder; cowpunchers
Downloads: 85
[audio]Pap's Pinto by Frank Bird Linderman - Roy Trumbull
Two hunters have had their pack horses run off. While sitting at their camp fire that night an old prospector joins them. He's tried horses for packing and after much grief came to appreciate burros. He tells the tale of his last pack horse, an ornery pinto.
Keywords: pack horses; hunters; prospectors; burros; buzzards; sudden storm; Frank Bird Linderman
Downloads: 95
[audio]The Weather Forecast for 2056 - Roy Trumbull
This forecast is based upon existing trends and the certainty that lobbyists will keep anything useful from ever coming out of Washington, D.C..
Keywords: weather; global warming; humor; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 185
[audio]The Shining Cow by Alex James - Roy Trumbull
If your missing cow turns up radiating blue-white light brighter than the midday sun, can you still milk her? We assemble the usual experts and state troopers to find out.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Alex James; cows; farms; flying saucers; audio books
Downloads: 106
[audio]Vetting Medea by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
The Meanness and Rationalization Party is vetting Vice-Presidential candidates. Medea is on the list even though she's had more than her share of bad press. How many votes can you get after you kill your children, poison your exes trophy bride, turn the kings murdered corpse into an entrée, and later attempt to poison your stepson?
Keywords: Medea; vetting; politics; satire; campaign; vice president; audio book; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 92
[audio]Joey and the Perfect Golf Clubs by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
I think I had my first golf clubs when I was three. My dad, Barney Trumbull, was a dedicated golfer but I lacked the knack. That didn't keep me from playing with him on every golf course in Northern California. The Rattlesnake Hills Club is a thinly disguised real club. It combines the worst features of a number of courses I've been on. We bring back Joey, inventor of the P-Ball, who once again makes a game changing invention...
Keywords: gahlumponium; magic; golf; imagination; Joey; Roy Trumbull; audio book; Rattlesnake Hills
Downloads: 44
[audio]The Last Shot At Germantown - Roy Trumbull
Future events at wartime are oft foretold by dreams and wondrous signs. This is a collection of such stories which ends with the Revolutionary War battle of Germantown. The story comes from Myths and Legends of Our Own Land by Charles M. Skinner.
Keywords: Germantown; Revolutionary Way; dreams; wondrous signs
Downloads: 73
[audio]The Culprit Fay - Roy Trumbull
A story from the collection "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by Charles M. Skinner. A fay is one of the many names for a fairy. In this story a fay has loved a mortal and the fairy king sends him on a quest in which he must catch a drop of spray from a leaping sturgeon and a spark from a meteor.
Keywords: fay; fairy; Hudson; watersprites; ghosts
Downloads: 45
[audio]Miss Moose Meat - Roy Trumbull
copyright 2008 by Roy Trumbull A young lady is proud of the fact she was named Miss Moose Meat at a beauty contest in Alaska. In fact she never fails to mention the fact, much to the chagrin of her brother. It acts as a boy friend screening process. If a guy is still interested after he hears the tale, then maybe he's the one.
Keywords: Alaska; moose; satire; love; beauty contest; love; college; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,526
[audio]Generic Privacy Notice - Roy Trumbull
Having gotten those two or three page notices from almost every business or service I deal with, the absurdity of it got to me and this was the result.
Keywords: privacy notice; satire; government; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 306
[audio]Tushmaker's Toothpuller by George Derby - Roy Trumbull
George Derby was an early American humorist. Mark Twain was a fan. George often wrote using the name John Phoenix. If you fear the dentist, this tale of Mr. Tushmaker's amazing machine for extracting teeth should set you to screaming.
Keywords: Tushmaker; George Derby; John Phoenix; humor; tall tales
Downloads: 232
[audio]Little Orphant Annie by James Whitcomb Riley - Roy Trumbull
A scary poem about the goblins who'll get you if you don't watch out. James Whitcomb Riley (1849-1916) was known as the Hoosier poet.
Keywords: Little Orphant Annie; goblins; scary; James Whitcomb Riley; poem
Downloads: 91
[audio]The Crapshooters by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
To gamblers it is all about the game even in the hereafter.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Crapshooters; gambling
Downloads: 67
[audio]The Youth and His Eagle - a Zuni tale - Roy Trumbull
An Indian youth dotes on his pet eagle. He is transported to another realm and there becomes an eagle himself. Then he is tempted to fly to a forbidden place and is seduced by the spirits of the dead.
Keywords: audio books; Indian; Zuni; eagle; spirits; evil
Downloads: 637
[audio]One Hoss Shay - Roy Trumbull
THE DEACON'S MASTERPIECE OR, THE WONDERFUL "ONE-HOSS SHAY"-A Logical Story BY OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES The classic poem about something that lasts and lasts and just collapses all at once with no salvage value. One example is a chair and another is a Wall Street Investment Bank
Keywords: One Hoss Shay; collapse; durable; poem; audio book; Holmes
Downloads: 130
[audio]The Just So Stories of Rudyard Kipling - Roy Trumbull
This exercise in total whimsy will test your child for a sense of humor. The chapters on "How the First Letter Was Written" and the "How the Alphabet Was Made" do require the illustrations that come with those stories. The original volume contains all these stories plus pen and ink sketches drawn by Kipling.
Keywords: audio books; Kipling; Just So; children's stories; humor
Downloads: 2,230
[audio]I'm A Stranger Here Myself by Mack Reynolds - Roy Trumbull
Tangier is a city where anything goes. Being polite involves not asking anyone too many questions. At a sidewalk cafe two men are speculating about flying saucers. Both have come a considerable distance to get there.
Keywords: Tangier; flying saucers; extra terrestrials; sci-fi; space tourists
Downloads: 103
[audio]In The Name of Friendship by Frank Bird Linderman - Roy Trumbull
A man is bent on suicide. As there are biblical restrictions to taking your own life, the local bartender offers to kill him as a matter of friendship. As he cocks the trigger of his Colt-45 he explains the hole will be big enough for a cat to jump through and not touch meat.
Keywords: old west; Linderman; suicide; black humor; Missouri,Colt-45,murder
Downloads: 81
[audio]Certain Death Cola by Roy Trumbull copyright 2008 - Roy Trumbull
A business scheme based upon truth brings riches to those employing it. Imagine a can of high fructose corn syrup cola with a detailed list of all the medical ills drinking it will cause.
Keywords: cola; HFCS; high fructose corn syrup; fiction; audio book; death rockers; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 1,698
[audio]Dunderberg - Roy Trumbull
This is the story of the imps, goblins, and other demons who live atop Thunder Mountain and raise squalls on the waters below. This story comes from the collection "Myths and Legends of Our Own Land" by Charles M. Skinner.
Keywords: Dunderberg; Thunder Mountain; demons; squalls; storms; sailors; ships; folklore
Downloads: 41
[audio]Lester and Earl Explain the Universe - Roy Trumbull
Two rural sages tackle religion, abortion, eternal congressmen, and China. All this while cleaning their rifles. Creative Commons Copyright - some rights reserved
Keywords: religion; abortion; congress; China; Lester and Earl; humor; satire
Downloads: 52
[audio]The Maternal Feminine by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
In a family of four sisters the full ration of common sense is vested in Sophie Decker, the spinster. The one who is the great beauty gets the prized marriage and more than her share of denial. This story will be a challenge for those readers who pride themselves on figuring out endings early. The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org. Search authors for Ferber, Edna.
Keywords: audio books; fiction; Ferber; hen lit; family; love
Downloads: 216
[audio]Death Snips Proud Men by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
No matter our accomplishments or power, we are all subject to Death's whim.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; poetry; death; proud men
Downloads: 78
[audio]The Mississippi Scheme - Roy Trumbull
A chapter from the 1841 book "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles MacKay. This story describes the financial bubble that engulfed all of France from 1717 to 1720. You may take comfort in the fact that there is a precedent for our recent sub-prime idiocy
Keywords: John Law; Regent; speculation; stocks; Mississippi; Company of the Indies; bubble; audio book
Downloads: 526
[audio]Boy And Father by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
To the boy Alexander, it is dreams from his reading and wonder about his lost mother as the rain comes down.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Boy and Father; dreams; adventure; mother; poetry
Downloads: 62
[audio]Gray Mole and the Indian - Roy Trumbull
An American Indian tale. An Indian befriends a gray mole and they travel to the far water. The trees talk to them and tell them what they are useful for. A magic canoe takes them to the mole's home on an island where they set a snare for the sun who has scorched the Indian's deer skin.
Keywords: Indian; gray mole; folklore; audio book; fiction
Downloads: 702
[audio]The White Mountains - Roy Trumbull
This tale tells many of the myths and legends associated with the White Mountains. From Myths and Legends of Our Own Land by Charles M. Skinner.
Keywords: ghosts; lovers; Indians; pioneers; supernatural
Downloads: 92
[audio]The Corn Maidens - Roy Trumbull
This is a Zuni folk tale about the corn maidens and their interaction with mortals.
Keywords: Indians; corn maidens; Zuni; folklore
Downloads: 166
[audio]The Gray Champion by Nathaniel Hawthorne - Roy Trumbull
This story is set in the early colonial period during the rule of James II when the Colonial rulers appointed by the crown were Anglicans and those ruled were Puritans. Hawthorne's story is based upon one of the most commonly shared folklore themes in the world, the arising of a supernatural champion in times of peril.
Keywords: James II; colonial America; Hawthorne; champion
Downloads: 503 (1 review)
[audio]Gallus Gallus Mechanique by Roy Trumbull - Roy Trumbull
The city kids miss a lot that country kids grow up knowing. Like getting a hen to lay a high density hard drive.
Keywords: gallus gallus; sci-fi; hard drive
Downloads: 89
[audio]The Potato Child by Mrs. Charles J. Woodbury - Roy Trumbull
Elsie is a little girl who is in a home already crowded with other girls without parents. She is to be taken in by Miss Amanda, a dressmaker. Miss Amanda lacks warmth. Toys are out of the question. Elsie wants a doll and she finds one in the potato bin. Few children today know the experience of finding toys using scraps of cast off materials and a good imagination. I've looked for information about the author but haven't found anything...
Keywords: orphan; audio book; children's stories; Christmas; Woodbury
Downloads: 779
[audio]Cogito Ergo Sum by John Foster West - Roy Trumbull
This philosophical wheeze is attributed to Rene' Descarte. As it is a philosophical statement it can have no meaning as that is the mission statement of philosophers. They are dead against anything meaning anything. Most would have learned more by having a bowling ball dropped on a foot than by taking 30 units of butt time in grad school. In this story a freak circumstance separates consciousness from body.
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Descartes; philosophy; mind-body; outer space
Downloads: 117
[audio]Mliss by Bret Harte - Roy Trumbull
In the mining town of Smith's Pocket Mliss (Melissa) has grown up without a mother and with a drunk for a father. She shows up at the school house and announces she wants an education. Between Mliss and the school master it is a question of who is teaching whom. This story so captivated the young Rudyard Kipling that when he left India to go to London he came by way of San Francisco. In his visit to the gold country he fancied he saw young girls who were the image of Mliss...
Keywords: audio books; old west; gold country; Bret Harte
Downloads: 221
[audio]The Magic Ring - Roy Trumbull
This story doesn't start out well. A young lad is sent to market to buy food and instead gets a dog and a cat. His mom kicks him out. He labors a year for a sack of sand. But then his fortunes turn for the better when he acquires a magic ring. Not willing to be happy with his lot he seeks the hand of a princess and then his troubles really begin. The text for this story may be found at www.gutenberg.org
Keywords: magic ring; king; princess; fairy tale; audio book
Downloads: 827
[audio]And So To-Day by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
This poem was written on the occasion of the interment of the Unknown Soldier of World War I.
Keywords: And So To-Day; Carl Sandburg; poetry; Unknown Soldier; World War I
Downloads: 93
[audio]Story-Tell Lib - Roy Trumbull
A collection of stories first published in 1908 by Annie Trumbull Slosson. They were first told by a 13 year old girl in a southern village who had an amazing talent for making powerful points with her simple stories. Ms. Slosson took them down with attention to the young ladies' dialect. (The author was my distant cousin.) The text for this book is available at www.gutenberg.org. Search author for Slosson.
Keywords: parables; allegories; folk-lore; stories; audio book; dialect; American south; Annie Trumbull Slosson
Downloads: 290
[audio]Cahoots by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
Corruption happens but in Chicago it is an art form. Perhaps the stuffing of pockets might be handicapped by the wearing of mittens.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; corruption; Cahoots; poetry
Downloads: 81
[audio]Norse Tales - Roy Trumbull
These are traditional folk tales from Norway. The Bear and the Fox The Boy Who Went to the North Wind East of the Sun and West of the Moon The Giant's Mountain
Keywords: audio book; Norse; Norway; folk tales
Downloads: 1,351
[audio]The Donkey Cabbage - Roy Trumbull
A hunter receives two magic gifts only to lose them to the beautiful daughter of a witch. He regains them with the help of a magic cabbage that turns people into donkeys.
Keywords: fairy tale; magic; witch; hunter; cabbage
Downloads: 1,678
[audio]Un Morso Du Pang by Edna Ferber - Roy Trumbull
The place is the midwest. The time is the early days of World War I. The young men are enlisting and their girl friends are left behind. Tessie Golden works in a watch factory and is sassy and confident. But when her boy friend comes home during a break in training she finds he is learning French. It dawns on her that when he comes home from the war he will be a diferent person but she will be the same...
Keywords: audio books; fiction; ferber; hen lit; love; romance
Downloads: 167
[audio]Sarah and Dean - Roy Trumbull
Universal Healthcare or Private Healthcare? Our favorite couple Sarah and Dean thrash it out.
Keywords: Healthcare; propaganda; humor
Downloads: 122
[audio]Annie the Goose Girl - Roy Trumbull
Of the many stories I have done this one is a puzzle. It has been downloaded over a thousand times from my site. I'll be interested to see what happens to it on the Internet Archive.
Keywords: fairy tales; Annie the Goose Girl; children's stories
Downloads: 219
[audio]Chuck's Cipher by Roy Trumbull copyright 2008 - Roy Trumbull
A young man is dead and his friends meet to attempt to decode a message found in his effects.
Keywords: codes; ciphesr; computers; mystery; audio book; Roy Trumbull
Downloads: 574
[audio]Fellow-Citizens by Carl Sandburg - Roy Trumbull
A rather wry look at how to measures happiness.
Keywords: Carl Sandburg; Millionaire; Publisher; Mayor; Instrument Maker; happiness; Music
Downloads: 58
[audio]The Society Upon the Stanislaus by Bret Harte - Roy Trumbull
A humorous poem about a short lived society of men who favored brawls over polite discussion. The Stanislaus River flows from the Sierras down to the Central Valley of California where it joins the San Joaquin River. The city of Modesto is in Stanislaus County.
Keywords: Stanislaus; Bret Harte; poem; humor
Downloads: 74
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